Costume Tips


Small Dog Costumes

Have a Dachshund, Chihuahua, or French Bulldog? If you're the proud owner of a small dog or puppy, then you'll need a costume that's just the right size for your pup. You won't want a costume that's too restrictive or too complex. But if you want to capitalise on how cute tiny puppies can be, make sure to go with something adorable!

Big Dog Costumes

Is a Great Dane, German Shepherd, or Mastiff your treasured canine companion? Suffice it to say a big dog is going to need a big costume. You'll want something like Darth Vader or a Skeleton that fits the personality of your dog.

Hilarious Costumes

We all can admit that dogs wearing costumes can be pretty funny so some dog owners choose to get extra creative with their costumes and take the laughs to the next level. Who doesn’t love a dog taco? Or a Sushi-pup? Go crazy and find some hilarious ideas for your dog that will make them stand out above all the other doggies!

Trendy Costumes

Want your dog to be trendy, sweetie? If so, you might want to consider a superhero or Pokémon costume! Let your dog's costume show that you're hip, you’re cool, you’re happenin’....or that you've at least done some Googling.

Owner/Pet Costumes

Is your dog that special someone in your life? Your better half? Maybe you want to consider Dog/Owner couple costumes. Try out classic pairings like a meat pie with tomato sauce, or a monkey and a banana. You guys are already inseparable, why not express that in costume-form!

Child/Pet Costumes

We know your puppy is pretty much your kid, but if you actually have a human child, why not get your kids to match? These kid-dog costume pairings are guaranteed an "awwwww." You'll love it, your child will love it, and your dog will enjoy it too. Doggywood and Fair Day is a family affair after all!

For some really camp, amazing and super cute costume ideas, feel free to get some inspiration from the following sites:

Now you're all set! So come and enter the Games of Bones Dog Pageant at Doggywood at Fair Day 2018! It's going to be a hoot. See you there!